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Baby Shark…

Hello everyone! I apologise if this blog post title made you involuntarily sing that annoying baby shark song…I couldn’t help myself! This blog post is actually about a baby shark crochet kit.

Looking at the blog, I have completely neglected it. In all honesty I have been super lazy with my crochet projects as of late. I have a half made blanket, a half untangled pile of yarn and various other half made things.

Anyways, the crochet kit below was purchased from the lovely Aldi a few months ago during one of my Aldi crochet kit spending sprees. I still have a fair amount of kits left from this same shopping trip that I have yet to make.

As you can see the kit only cost £3.99 (absolute bargain!) and includes everything you need to crochet this cute little baby shark. The hook itself was a small metal one, which you don’t always get in these kits. It also came with a darning needle and some embroidery thread for the finer details. I have now got a huge amount of these little crochet kit hooks and needles. I always use my own comfy grip hooks so they never get used. I keep them all as I am sure they will come in handy one day. Perhaps if I start a little crochet club and I can provide the hooks and darning needles! (Who knows!?)

Now, the yarn in this kit was slightly different to the usual yarn that is supplied. It was much softer to the touch. The box says that the yarn is 70% polyester and 30% acrylic, which to be honest, I couldn’t tell you whether that is the same as the others as I can’t say that I remember. All I know is the yarn was a LOT softer than the previous kits.

I finished making the main body and moved on to start making the fins and realised that there was no pattern for the fins. At first I thought I’d maybe read it wrong but they really weren’t there. I think I could have figured out how to make them but I wanted to make sure I made the correct ones for the pattern so I contacted Aldi. They were super helpful and sent me a new pattern right away. Really fantastic customer service on their part!

So I was able to finish off my little shark. I had made the body and the fins, now I had to make the belly detail. This is where I deviated from the pattern a little (as you’ll see in my finished picture below) I didn’t actually add the pink teeth. It was more of a ‘I got carried away making the white patch and didn’t check the pattern to add the pink teeth’ but when I’d completed it and positioned the white belly, I don’t think my little shark needed the teeth. I think maybe he’s just a friendly shark, who doesn’t bare his teeth when he’s swimming around.

All in all, I am super happy with the end result and it is yet another lovely example of a successful Aldi crochet kit! I even have enough yarn left over that I think I could make him a little friend!

As mentioned earlier, I still have lots of these kits to complete. I also have myself a TOFT crochet kit to be getting along with. (I know, very exciting stuff!!!) Although, I’m not sure when this one will be started as currently it is the aforementioned pile of tangled yarn! I’m not used to skeins and tried to make a cake and it all went horribly wrong! Anyways, I’m sure it will all work out!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Happy crafting!

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