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Atticus the Bush Viper

Now…this is something a little bit different, and by that I mean, this crochet kit isn’t from Aldi but rather from the lovely TOFT. I saw the Atticus the Bush Viper kit on Instagram and fell in love with the colours of the wool and the snake itself. Unfortunately, I waited too long to purchase my own kit and the next thing I knew, it was no longer available on the website. I was absolutely gutted! However, my lovely Partner had (unbeknownst to me) already purchased a kit and surprised me with it! It was a fantastic day and I was super excited to get started!

As you can see from the above picture, the kit came with the skein of yarn, stuffing, a TOFT hook, needle and the pattern. Everything you need to make your very own Bush Viper! Now, I’m not used to skeins…And that is my defence for what I’m about to tell you…

As I mentioned earlier, I was super excited to get started. I even YouTubed how to turn the above skein into a cake that I could use. I was SO careful (I feel I need to reiterate this as much as possible, just in case my partner is reading) and I started to wind the cake from the skein and then everything just went completely wrong!!! I had created the worst pile of tangled yarn that I have ever seen in all my crochet days! The more I tried to fix it, the worse it got. And thus began all of the Google searches for the best way to detangle a huge pile of yarn. I wanted to fix it before my partner came home and saw the mess that I made, however this was to no avail!

I was left with a huge pile of tangled yarn and I was quite upset that it had all gone so very wrong. However, my loving Partner began helping untangle the yarn. We started taking it in turns to untangle and make tea, untangle and make tea. But, turns out that my partner is far better at untangling yarn than me…so much so that he kicked me off of the yarn untangling team.

He finally untangled it all and I got to start my crochet project! He was a nice and easy project and he worked up very quickly! I really enjoyed making him!

I think you’ll agree that all the stress of the untangling was worth it. This Bush Viper is really quite lovely and the colours are absolutely gorgeous!!

After the success of this one, I am definitely going to get myself another TOFT crochet kit. I am, however, going to get my wonderful Partner to unravel the skein and wind the yarn cake for me. (I am sure he won’t mind!) I’m not sure I can bear to look at another huge pile of tangled yarn!

Thank you for reading!

Happy Crafting!

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