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Llama Llama Llama

How many times can you say a word before it loses all meaning?

Happy New Year!!

I have not posted in SUCH a long time, as cliché as it sounds I am hoping to use the New Year as an opportunity to set myself a Resolution of writing a bit more and sharing more of my crochet endeavours with you lovely people.

A while ago…a real, real while ago, I completed the lovely Llama crochet kit from one of my earlier Aldi hauls. The first thing that caught my attention about this little fellow was how he looked like a relatively simple design but also had an adorable little saddle, which I thought was just the cutest crochet Llama accessory!

As you can see from the photograph of Larry Llama (original name, I know!) he is compiled of fairly simple shapes. This meant that he worked up very quickly, which is something I really enjoy about crocheting amigurumis. I enjoy working my way through the pattern and actually seeing the amigurumi take shape and come alive.

Another element I really liked about this Llama pattern is that his legs are very sturdy and hold him up perfectly. I know it seems like a silly thing to appreciate about an amigurumi pattern but I like it when they stand up happily and proudly on my amigurumi shelf.

The saddle is another really simple but effective element of the overall design. It was very easy to make and I think you’ll agree that without it, the finished product wouldn’t be as charming.

I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone. It was only £3.99 and this includes all the yarn, stuffing, embroidery thread needed, a darning needle and crochet hook. The crochet hook is a basic one so I always use my own hooks but for £3.99 I don’t think it even needs to have a hook included.

I’ve still got a few more kits left from my last Aldi haul, so hopefully I shall stick to my New Year’s Resolution and create more and write about my crochet endeavours more frequently. I guess we shall see! Watch this space! (As they say!)

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it!

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