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Little Bobble Sheep

A while back, during one of Aldi’s Special Buy weeks I purchased a couple of adorable crochet kits. They were only £2.49 each (absolute bargain if you ask me!) so naturally, I purchased one of each kind; one penguin, one rabbit and one sheep. A couple of days ago I decided to crack open the little sheep and give it a try!

The kit was from Aldi’s ‘So Crafty’ range of crafting products. During their Special Buy weeks it is always worth a look down their middle isle because they often have various craft products and kits. Now, this kit came with everything you needed to crochet the adorable sheep demonstrated on the box, including cream, grey and dark grey yarn, black embroidery thread, toy stuffing, a 3mm crochet hook and a plastic darning needle. The orange hook in the above photograph is one from my collection as the hook that they supply is a very flimsy plastic hook, that I would definitely not be able to crochet easily with. However, I do not mean this as any detriment to the product, for only £2.49 I would not expect the pattern, all the materials to make this lovely amigurumi AND a decent hook!

As you can gather from the title of this post and the picture of the sheep, his body and top of his head are completely made up of the bobble stitch. Now the bobble stitch is one of my favourites and I think that by using this for the whole sheep it has produced quite an authentic sheep look for the amigurumi. It was however far more time consuming than the traditional double crochet amigurumi stitch but I think you’ll agree that the end product is definitely worth the extra time.

The pattern itself was clear, concise and easy to follow, which is what you want from a pattern really. The only issue I had concerning the pattern was that for the tail section the pattern read that you needed to begin with grey yarn, where the picture of the sheep on the box quite clearly has a cream coloured tail. So I decided to follow the tail instructions but use the cream yarn instead. But in the grand scheme of things, I’m sure we can all forgive one little typo! I even had some materials left over (as seen below) after I had finished my sheep! I bet I could even make a tiny little baby sheep with the excess! You can also see the hook and darning needle that are provided in the kit below, to give you an idea of what the hook looks like.

I would definitely recommend an Aldi So Crafty Sheep kit to anyone. I’m now intending to move onto either the bunny rabbit or the penguin (who, by the way, has a cute swimming rubber ring!) I hope they are as successful as this sheep! We shall see!

Happy Crafting Everyone!


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2 thoughts on “Little Bobble Sheep”

  1. What a really good description and write up. I made the baby rabbit slippers. Unfortunately the sheep kit I bought did not include the instructions so trying to find an email so I can request an electronic copy.


    1. Hi Amanda, thank you for your kind words. If you email Aldi’s customer service team they should point you in the right direction. I ran out of yarn for another Aldi crochet kit, and I contacted them and they were very helpful. I hope this helps. Thank you, Jasmin


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