Tea on the Green Crochet Along

…drum roll please…I have finally (seemingly months and months after everyone else!) finished the Tea on the Green Blanket!! It is absolutely gorgeous and I feel exceedingly accomplished for having finally completing the project. It was full of lovely patterns and new stitches (such as the pom pom puff stitch) that I had never used before and now am rather excited about using in some of my own projects in the future.

I hope you’ll agree that this blanket is really wonderfully designed and is made up of some really lovely patterns, stitches and colours. I would recommend a crochet along to anyone! Even if you can’t keep up with the weekly pace (like me!) you can crochet at your own speed and still complete the project and have a wonderful finished piece at the end. Also, your timing couldn’t be better as the lovely ladies who created this beautiful Tea on the Green, have just released a new crochet along called Water Garden Cal. Have a look and see if it’s something you want to get involved in! (If I start it now, I might finish before next Easter!)

Hope you have all had a lovely Easter Weekend!

Happy Crafting Everyone!!


At The Little Crochet Caddy

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