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Little Rubber Ring Penguin

Hello everyone! As previously mentioned in my last post I purchased a couple of crochet kits from Aldi and am currently making my way through them. Thus, I have completed the penguin!

Penguins are literally my favourite animal, I’ve been to a penguin experience where I was able to feed and hold them, and as a leaving present from my old place of work, my lovely coworkers adopted me a penguin. (Which I have still yet to visit) So, suffice to say, I was excited about completing this adorable little amigurumi.

Firstly, I love the fact that he has a rubber ring even though penguins can swim unaided. There is something really quite quirky and adorable about this. The colours of the yarn were gorgeous, of course, all included with the kit (turquoise, pink, yellow and white). Much like the sheep crochet kit, there was a hook and darning needle included, however they were the flimsy plastic ones so I used a hook from my collection. The pattern was worked in simple amigurumi double crochet in rounds and the details of the belly and the face were worked using Tunisian crochet. Now, I had to read up on Tunisian crochet because I have never used this stitch. Or, so I thought. Now, don’t quote me on this because I’m not 100% sure and I’m going to have to do some more research…but the Afghan stitch (used for the Fox that I have blogged about previously) is the same as the Tunisian stitch. It’s the stitch worked in rows whereby you keep all the loops on the hook and then work back across the work. It is a very effective stitch to create extra details for amigurumi.

I really enjoyed making this little guy! He worked up fairly quickly and I got to practice carrying yarn whilst changing colours for the rubber ring. Furthermore, I am really enjoying the embroidered face details of these kits as it’s not something I’m used to doing and it’s all good practice! There was a small typo in the pattern, it read 4 Tunisian stitches but it was meant to be 14, but we are all human! The only time I diverged from the written pattern was for the neck part of the body. After I completed all the rounds I felt that the neck was far too long and looked a bit strange, so I just took it back 3 or 4 rows, and was far happier with the result.

I hope you like this little penguin as much as I do!

Happy Crafting Everyone!


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2 thoughts on “Little Rubber Ring Penguin”

  1. Hi Jasmin,

    I just bought this crochet kit from a charity shop, to find only the wool inside and the crochet hook, needle and instructions missing. I was just wondering if you still had the instructions and if so could you send a picture?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Aoife,

      Unfortunately I no longer have the pattern. It might be worth contacting Aldi customer services as they may be able to get you a copy of the instructions. In the past I have contacted Aldi with pattern issues and have found them to be very helpful.

      Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful with this.

      Kind Regards,


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