Relocation, Crochet and Yarn Cakes

WordPress has informed me that it has been a whole month since my last post. Which, through no fault of its own, made me feel guilty for neglecting this blog. I have however been posting quite regularly on my Instagram (if you want to check it out!)

Now, I don’t have any excuses for my neglect of this site but…I have just relocated with my partner. We have moved what seems like a million miles away from both of our home towns. But, who doesn’t love a brand new adventure with your partner! This has meant that I have been home making quite a lot of the month. Organising cupboards, bookshelves, rooms and getting settled hasn’t left me with much crochet time…until now! Everything in our lovely little place is organised, which means I now have ample time for crochet. (Yay!)

I thought I’d give some more attention to my Tea on the Green blanket. Yes, I know…I am super behind! I see everyone’s gorgeous blankets and they are all finished, and then in the captions I read that it is in fact their second one. As you can imagine, I quickly got crocheting! I finished all the blocks and have joined them all together. I rather enjoy the joining process, I find it incredibly relaxing.

Now I am just working my way through the pink corner to corner border sections. I am almost at the end of the first section. One down, three to go! I quite enjoy the corner to corner crochet as it doesn’t require a huge amount of attention which means I can partake in a good old Netflix binge! This week it has been Friends, that good old classic!

I have also recently discovered the story feature on Instagram. If you don’t know, it allows you to share short little videos for a short period of time (I think it’s 24 hours). They have some cool features like playing the video in reverse, stop motion effects and boomerang videos. Basically, I have been having a whale of a time playing with these features!

Furthermore, my week has also been spent making yarn cakes! My lovely partner bought me a yarn winder and I have finally got around to using it. I can’t stop turning all of my skeins of yarn into yarn cakes, it is a bit addictive! I have definitely got myself into the yarn cake making business this week! In addition, I find that I can make the cakes to the exact size to fit into my gorgeous yarn bowl.

Right…well I’m going to get back to my pink corner to corner sections of my Tea on the Green blanket, with any luck I’ll finish it before the end of the year!

Happy Crafting Everyone!


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