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Lockdown, Crochet Alongs and Postbox Hunting

I promised myself that I wouldn’t mention Lockdown on my blog but it has become such a big part of our lives that it feels impossible not to mention it.

Lockdown has been going on for what seems like forever but it has given me and indeed a lot of people more time to get involved with, as cliche as it sounds, arts and crafts. At the very beginning of lockdown I took part in the Toft crochet along to make a gorgeous mandarin duck called Pascal. The pattern was released and broken down into sections for each day across three weeks. Toft then released live video tutorials on Instagram for each section of the pattern each day. It was really wonderful having something like this to look forward to on the way home from work each evening. It has to be said that it created such a lovely sense of community on Instagram, looking at everyone progressing through the pattern together and all the finished Pascals. Search #edspascal on Instagram if you would like to see some really fantastic finished Pascals!

Introducing Pascal: the adorable product of the Lockdown crochet along from Toft.

Then it was time for Toft’s summer competition. Now, I have never done one of these before so I was very excited when my Otis the land snail crochet kit turned up. The idea was that you crochet your Otis and then take photographs of him posting his ‘snail mail’. A very cute idea indeed. I didn’t think that me and my partner would get so invested in this challenge and spend our weekend hunting for interesting postboxes. I also didn’t think that we would learn so much along the way!

Snail production line.

On our travels we managed to find three postboxes spanning the Reigns of three separate Monarchs, which we thought was something rather special. The first was the oldest working postbox in the UK, manufactured in 1853 and octagonal in shape. (Queen Victoria) The next was an Edward VII wall box situated outside a lovely Church. Lastly, we found a rather unique gold pillar box. (Queen Elizabeth) The plaque read “This box was painted gold by The Royal Mail to celebrate Deborah Criddle, gold medal winner London 2012 Paralympics Games Equestrian Team, Open.”

Now whenever we pass a postbox, we look to see which Monarch the postbox belonged to! It’s become a bit of a pastime for us now! Who would have thought a crochet competition would have created such an interest in postboxes?! Again, another lovely crochet community on Instagram was born out of this competion. If you search #edssnailmail on Instagram, you’ll see some amazing snails and some really interesting postboxes.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I imagine you will also now look at postboxes in a different way! Happy postbox hunting!

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