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So…loth Crafty Aldi Crochet Kit

I tried to do something clever with the blog post title there but I don’t think it has really worked! Oh well…moving on…

I have recently finished another Aldi So Crafty Crochet kit and…get this…it is actually the last one I had in my crochet kit stash! I’m now going to have to stock up again.

As always, the kit included everything that was needed to make the sloth, including all the yarn, a hook, stuffing and a needle. I have started to accumulate quite a lot of these little hooks and needle sets. I don’t tend to use them as I have my particular favourite hooks that have handles, as I find them a bit more comfortable to use. I think I might collate all these aluminium hooks from all the various Aldi kits and give them to friends and family to see if I can get them all crocheting. We will see what happens there!

Absolute bargain at £3.99!

The body, head, legs and arms were very easy to make. It was the facial features and the little toes that caused me problems. Firstly, with the latter, there was absolutely no pattern for the toes. I am guessing it had maybe been misprinted and missed the instructions for the toes. As you can see from my finished sloth, I made him some toes. I made him a three toed sloth and did some simple chain stitches into the ends of his arms and legs. I think they work as little toes.

Now the white patch for this sloth’s face did have a pattern and I followed it and made it a couple of times, but every time it just ended up a small tangled ball! Parts of the pattern for it really didn’t make any sense to me. After a while I decided to just improvise and make the face patch on my own. Hence the reason that my sloth looks a bit different to the one on the box…

I think he’s lovely! I did try to photograph him in a similar way to the box but it involved strategically placed pins and a coathanger. Suffice to say, it didn’t really work! So…my sloth likes to sit down!

I find it hard to grumble too much about the Aldi crochet kits when they have certain parts of the pattern missing or bits that don’t quite make a lot of sense because they are such a cheap crochet kit. I must admit, I also quite enjoy the challenge of having to improvise parts and figure out ways in which to finish the project.

I hope you like him!

Happy Crafting!

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