Tea on the Green: BLOCK B

Block B…is….drum roll….complete!!

Now, this little Block was a real delight to hook. It was infinitely quicker to produce the 8 Blocks of this one than Block A.

I even managed to enjoy hooking this one out in the sunshine! (Which allowed for some really adorable photographs! See these above!)

Now the weather has almost completely changed and we are into the season of rain and storms. However, I don’t know about you, I always find rain the perfect weather for crochet. I tend to set up with a nice cup of tea, a blanket and some real relaxing rainy day music (or Netflix!) There is something wonderfully cosy about crocheting indoors, all snuggled up, whilst its raining and cold outside your window.


Now, onto Block C.

I haven’t even looked over the pattern for Block C yet, so other than seeing everyone else’s lovely Blocks, I am not too sure what I am going into. I am excited to get it started though and with the winter weather drawing closer I am hoping to finish this blanket in time to use it to snuggle under!

See you soon!!


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