Tea on the Green: BLOCK A

Now, I have been meaning to write this post for a REALLY long time! But, suffice to say it has been a busy few weeks! Finally, however, I have found the time to sit down (with a cup of tea and Craft It Yourself on 4OD in the background) to share my wonderful experience of the Tea on the Green: Block A.

I was very behind in starting this beautiful CAL. Literally, I have only just started Block B…and I am fairly sure that the CAL has ended. But…no matter! Everyone works to their own pace.

When starting this Block I wouldn’t have said I was a beginner, however many of these stitches I had never tried before. Yet, I would also say this is why I enjoyed this Block so very much! It was a real learning experience. AND, as the Block itself was full of such a vast array of stitches…it felt like such an achievement to complete even just one (of the 5 required!)

Firstly, I hooked one Block. I figured this way (having glanced over the pattern prior to beginning) I would familiarise myself with the stitches and this first one could be a ‘practice’ for want of a better word. Then…I was SO excited once I finished one Block…I decided to start a bit of a production line!


Turns out that a production line was the absolutely best way to complete this gorgeous Block. The advantage of hooking in a production line is that you become so familiar with each section that you don’t need your pattern ALL the time! (Which of course, makes you feel like an absolute pro!)

In addition…this Block made me absolutely fall in love with the Pom Pom stitch. (See below for a couple of mid hook shots!) Thus far, this is my very favourite crochet stitch!


Essentially…I would encourage EVERYONE to have a go at this CAL. Not only is it a real lovely project to get stuck into, but the community is also rather wonderful!

And finally…a MASSIVE thank you to Lyndas Craft Room and The Wee House of Crochet for bringing this Tea on The Green Crochet Along to us all.

Now…onto BLOCK B!

See you soon!





1 thought on “Tea on the Green: BLOCK A”

  1. Awwwww!!! I’m so glad you liked it! Thank you for your kind words! It was always a bit of a risky block this one especially for the first! But reading your comments it’s one that was worth the risk, thank you, and yours looks beautiful xxx


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