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Simply Crochet Hook ‘N’ Learn Blanket

And Hook ‘N’ Learn she most certainly did…

With an ever growing stash of yarn that I didn’t have a particular project in mind for, I wanted to find something to work my way through it and try to use as much of it up as I can. Whilst perusing some old copies of Simply Crochet magazine hidden away in a cupboard, I came across the Simply Crochet Hook ‘N’ Learn crochet along blanket. The crochet blanket is made up of 12 different parts consisting of 12 different stitches. The intention being that you would follow along each month creating these blocks and eventually combining them all together to form the blanket at the end. Thus far I have completed six of the 12 sections and I am really enjoying making my way through it, and, of course, seeing the yarn stash deplete as I go!

Parts one, two and three. (Block, shell and waffle)

The first three stitches of the crochet along were the block, shell and waffle stitch. All three worked up really quickly and I am very pleased with how they all turned out. A few of the sections require two blocks of the same stitch, so that gives you the opportunity to experiment with a few different colour combinations. I particularly like the shell stitch in green and pink. I think it has a vintage look and feel about it. Not bad for some leftover yarn from the stash!

Part four, five and six. (Cable, spike and granny stripe)

The next three were the cable, spike and granny stripe. Now, I was quite familiar with the granny stripe as the granny square was the very first thing I ever made. Not sure why I picked such Christmassy colours in April though, but never mind! We’ll just call it a blanket for all seasons! The cable stitch however, was one that I hadn’t tried before and I must admit that as it was working up I was a bit concerned as it was looking a bit ropey. But after a few rows the texture started to come together and I think it’s a really sophisticated looking stitch.

Finally, the spike stitch, which again was one that I had not seen before but immediately found it to be creating an intriguing effect and texture. However, I did struggle a bit with this one because I wanted to make sure that each of the steps in yarn were equal. Not too loose and not too tight! However, of all the blocks I have made so far, these are the only ones that are a bit curly and will definitely need blocking. I think I was so concerned about the uniformity of the steps down the piece, I have ended up hooking it far too tight!

It is well worth having a look at this crochet along in Simply Crochet magazine. I believe it starts in Issue 68 and continues across the next 11 issues.

Now, onto the next part!

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