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Gilbert the Giraffe

Happy Sunday Evening everyone! It’s that time again! I have completed another adorable amigurumi from my ever growing collection of crochet kits. Introducing…Gilbert the Giraffe!

This lovely amigurumi is yet another one from the Aldi ‘So Crafty’ range of crochet kits. I really should start to mix and match and try some other brand crochet kits, expand my horizons, so to speak! Now, this kit, much like all the others I have completed came with everything that you needed to complete the amigurumi. It came with all the yarn needed, including an abundance of the two shades of grey, enough to probably make another cute giraffe, a hook, darning needle and toy stuffing. This kit, unlike the others I have previously mentioned, came with a simple metal crochet hook and a metal darning needle as opposed to the plastic ones. I could have quite happily used the supplied hook but I did end up substituting it for one of my preferred comfy grip ones. I know, I know…hook favouritism at play here! But hey, we have all got a favourite!

This giraffe is definitely one of my favourite amigurumi projects that I have completed recently. He was fairly easy to hook and worked up very quickly. I found no fault in the actual pattern, other than a few printed repeats of a few rounds as the page was turned. I think this was just a test to see if I was paying attention! I really enjoyed sewing on all the cute little polka dot details onto the giraffe and I feel that this was a very cute addition to his adorable character.

I have put the pattern into my pattern folder and I intend (at some point in the future) to make Gilbert some friends and family!

As a finished amigurumi, I may be biased, but I think he’s rather adorable! I hope you think he’s as cute as I do!

Happy Crafting Everyone!


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7 thoughts on “Gilbert the Giraffe”

  1. Goodness he turned out lovely!! And the name! Love it. I do love this project, mine was super fun

    Would you be able to do me a massive favour and send me the pattern? I wanted to make a second for my grandma but ended up losing the paper… I could just wing it but I prefer to be precise.


  2. I know it’s a long time ago now, but my daughter has just found this kit. However, she has lost the pattern that came with it and is very disappointed. Is there any way you could send us a copy of it? I have reached out to Aldi, too, but don’t know if they will be able to help. She is 13 and just got into crochet in a big way, she’s making jellyfish by the dozen at the minute, lol. Personally I don’t have the patience for any form of knitting but I’m very proud if my dd and want to keep her motivation up. Tia, Jessica


    1. Hiya! It is so lovely to hear that your daughter is enjoying crochet so much! Unfortunately, I no longer have the pattern for this one I am afraid. Sorry about that. Aldi are normally very helpful when you contact them, so hopefully they will get back to you soon. If not, you could always have a look online at some giraffe patterns for a nice one that your daughter can use the yarn from this kit to complete. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful with this. Thank you, Jasmin


    2. hi there! im not the person who runs this blog but i ran into the same issue, until i somehow found a second copy of this kit at the charity shop! lucky find haha. ill happily provide a copy of the pattern via email if you want; i’ll also point out a few mistakes in it that caught me off guard so she doesnt make them too c:

      my email is, please write to me if you’re still looking.


      1. i know the exact pain of losing this pattern, and i think i actually reached out to another crochet blogger in the past about it myself but never got an answer :C seeing the second kit in the BHF was incredibly lucky~ so im happy to help. i can provide it to you too if you wish Jasmin, though i doubt you’re that interested ^^;


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